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The hallmark of Potential Finders is our understanding of the immense uniqueness and power to grow and connect that all humans have. This goes for our blog, as well.

These last couple of years have been difficult for all of us. One of the most significant impacts to Potential Finders has been seeing the global struggle knowing there is not enough help out there to go around. People are isolated and lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, and unsure about the future.

I want to help. Although the blogs on this page are not quite regular yet, do feel free to come back now-and-then to see what there is. All blogs will be here to help you. In fact, one of my biggest hopes for 2022 is that I hear more from YOU, the reader, as to what you would like blogs written on. Feel free to connect via my contact page with ideas.

As you can see o the side, I also publish on and now, you can also find me at

You matter and I look forward to serving you.

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Reach Your Greatest Potential Now!

Effective, strong leadership is the foundation of a well-oiled machine — or a well-functioning organization. It’s critical to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, as well as how psychology and neuroscience play a role in daily operations. Potential Finders Network in the Seattle, WA area is an organization offering...


Watch Out World!

There I was, twenty-eight years old with no earthly idea how to communicate under pressure. Fumbling my words at every turn, my face turning beet red, shaking, and sweating, I must have looked like I was ready to snap.

Did you know every time you come in contact with other human beings, you interact with them according to an unspoken agreement? Most people have never heard of the invisible document whose suppositions and requirements are rarely, if ever, mentioned – and yet we are all held to its rules and regulations.

The hidden text to...


Thinking Out Loud

The second the topic was revealed to me, my mind went completely blank. Staring at my books, the English language appeared as hieroglyphics bouncing on the page. Doing my best to push through, I scribbled a note or two on a page and eventually scratched out something resembling an outline. Then, I just stared at my knees, completely thunderstruck.

As training settings go, my surroundings were warm and inviting and my co-attendees were likewise kind and interested. I could feel them rooting for me. One-by-one, each person took their place at...


Thinking Out Loud

It is beautiful outside. I mean, really beautiful. Deep blue sky provides backdrop to green trees and the curves and lines of earth-toned buildings. Even indoors, there is a pleasant mix of warm air and cool breeze. The smell of coffee, danish, and gelato fills the spacious room and buoyant music surrounds me. Every sense is uplifted. I am so blessed in this moment.

I look around the café and take in the faces of those who, like me, are working away on their computers. Each table and chair an island, including my own. I am struck with...


“What do you mean? I don’t have any anger!”

“I’m just being assertive when I tell my boss off for his micromanaging.”

“I can’t help it! I just get so angry. I have to punch something.”

The above phrases belie misconceptions common in our society. These errors are due to the misunderstanding of the difference between anger, hostility, and rage.

Many people are afraid of anger because they mistake it for hostility or even rage. Therefore, they say they do not experience the emotion, or they are afraid to express it because of the scary images they have of it in their...


The Effects of Pre-Existing Vulnerability Factors

Treja entered the coffee shop with great excitement. It had been such a long time since she had made time for a social life. She was finally grabbing a few minutes to meet with her new friend, Sonya. They had met a few weeks back at her cousin’s birthday party and had met almost weekly since. Today is their first time meeting for lunch, a fantastic way to break up her monotonous day!

Arriving spot on at twelve noon as they had agreed, Treja chided herself for nearly being late. Expectantly, she scanned the room...


Survivor to Thriver

Pressing down hard on my suitcase, I am scarcely able to finish zipping it before I hear the car horn signal time to go. As if watching myself from the upper corner of the ceiling, I watch myself walk out the door, leaving behind everything and everyone I know, off to a land I have barely set foot in, with little money and nothing resembling a real plan. Bound for India, all my earthly possessions occupy two check-in bags and a carry-on. The story I tell myself is that I am brave and headed for adventure.

If that day was any indication, then...


Mindfulness in Action

As I lay there on the floor, drained of every last ounce of energy, mind blank, I somehow knew the right thing to do. It was time to leave the land I had come to think of as home and return to the US. As the days and weeks followed that fateful day, the knowing became stronger and the assurance deeper. Looking back now, over nine years post my departure from India, the decision has indeed proven to be the right one. There were no facts, nothing I could have pointed to that could have explained my decision, especially in the face of the fierce...


Survivor to Thriver

Boundaries are an important part of life. They help us see where we end and others begin. They define and protect us. They let good things in and keep trouble away. In a way, they are like a fence around someone’s house or property. Sound pretty good, don’t they? Think about every person you care about. Would you want them to have boundaries and to keep them safe?

What about you?

Many people struggle with their own boundaries. In fact, as you read the first sentence of this article, you may have noticed a knot forming in...


I sit at my desk, transfixed. On the screen before me, in all its grandeur, is my weekly schedule.

How did I do this again?

Search as I may, I find little breathing room, little margin. Closing the calendar, lest tears of frustration begin to fall, I half-heartedly move my cursor over to my “To do” sticky note. It is a reasonable length, but the core of my being knows there are things missing from the list. Things that will pop into my mind as I try to drift off into the sleep I so desperately need in order to keep up with the overflowing agenda and endless lists. My...


Thinking Out Loud

I admit it. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and struggle in the last couple of months. I find myself in moments of tearfulness and other times, I feel a disconnect and indifference to life.

A few weeks back, I started a new routine in the morning where I got up and walked around our block. Doesn’t sound like much. It’s a big block – almost a mile around. Most people who know me see me as a morning person – and I am. However, soon after the pandemic hit, I began sleeping in later and later and even staying in bed until ten or eleven o’clock in...