Potential Finders Network provides training services geared toward business or other teams (such as in churches or educational settings).

Whether the goal is to enhance an already strong team or to address specific issues, Potential Finders Network has a plan for you. Below are brief descriptions of each major type of training option.


Do you know the specific problem you want to address in an innovative way? Or perhaps you are on a budget or in a time crunch. In-services are a great way to meet these needs. Generally conducted during typical team meeting and/or lunch times, these are ready to go ("off the rack," if you will), 45-minute training sessions that address specific areas of need or interest. Here is a list of the most popular requests.



Team struggles with motivation, relationship effectiveness (including people management skills) “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”

-Understanding how brain/mind processes effect our understanding of ourselves & others along with tips for improvement

Individuals in a team struggle with reactivity, such as anger, frustration, hostility, anxiety, gossip, and the like.

Individuals in a team tend to avoid new projects or particular human interactions

Taking a team approach equips all team members with safe self-analysis or methods to manage the reactions of others.

“Brain-based Threat Analysis”

-Understanding the two paths to reactivity in the brain (frustration/anger/anxiety). Attendees will learn how to quickly assess the type of threat and learn methods to more effectively address it.

Team members struggle with making decisions, social reactivity (anxiety, anger), feeling isolated, fatigue, and/or burn-out “Taking Back the Driver’s Seat”

-Attendees will learn key features of their central and peripheral nervous systems and be equipped with ideas on how to ideas on how to maintain calm and improve decision-making

Team members struggle frequently with frustration, interpersonal friction, lack of innovation, difficulty with organization and professionalism “Making Better Use of Your Brain”

-An introduction to key features of the brain that are the culprits in many day-to-day challenges along with tips on how to improve interactions

Team is burned out, unmotivated, poor morale, high attrition and/or “call out” rates. Management/frontline worker friction or a wish to begin to change corporate culture. “Whole-Person Self-Care”

-In our fast-paced world, self-care is often Understood to be “taking mini breaks from An overwhelming life.” This session provides a method of self-care planning that leads to lasting change and improved morale

-Best done in at least 2 sessions

Team members and/or management team lacks initiative, motivation, and often engages in in-fighting, micromanaging, or other ineffective interpersonal interactions. “Find Your Mindset”

-Did you know that you can have a growth mindset, but in high-stress situations end up working from a fixed mindset? This session explains these mindsets and highlights pitfalls to staying in the growth mindset.

*Available online or in-person (if local to Western Washington; Travel Expenses May Apply)

**Most sessions can be tailored and expanded to multiple in-services, as requested

***Ask for more options


Whether you want to enhance the skills of corporate executives, front-line performers, teachers, church officials, or clinical team members, our tailored Team Assessment & Development (TAD) Services are here to bring you to the next level. This service comprises


Hannah will meet with interested parties to determine your requirements. This is generally a free, online, 20-minute face-to-face meeting.


Depending on the services needed, Hannah will meet with and assess the team members and team as a whole to design the proper assistance needed.


Once the needs assessment is completed and approved, a tailored program is suggested.


Once the program is approved, a variety of individual coaching, team coaching, training, motivational speaking, embedded mentor development,* classroom training, or any combination of or addition to these options is used to create learning.


Periodic follow-up evaluation and coaching sessions may be offered.

*This is a program that equips members of your team to carry on with certain aspects of training. Ask for more information.


This is for leadership teams that struggles with people management, strategic thinking, casting vision, creating culture, micromanaging, ineffective meetings, or other common leadership issues OR for strong teams that simply wants to get to the next level. This series teaches leadership from a brain-based perspective, including Giving & Receiving Feedback in the Modern Age, Building Rapport with the Brain, and other whole-person topics. Practical insights and skills are provided to take your team to the next level.

*Can be done with individuals or teams


There are no "One-size-fits-all" fixes for the problems we face in our personal or professional lives. If your team is strong and ready to reach greater heights, or you want to initiate a team- or company-wide culture change, this is the service for you. Using a whole-person framework, key elements in brain science along with solution-based skills are taught in an experiential manner. In other words, attendees will learn not only by hearing, but by doing, increasing the likelihood of lasting change. Contact us for an in-depth needs analysis.

*Can be done with individuals or teams