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I’m so glad you are here! Please watch the video to enjoy a brief message from the Founder, Hannah Smith, MA LMHC CGP.

At Potential Finders Network, we are all about YOU!

Potential Finders Network uses evidence-based & neuroscience-informed methods to create highly-targeted and individualized coaching, consulting, and training programs. We base our philosophy on three main goals:

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Why Choose Hannah

Do you resonate with any of these all-too-common life issues?

You feel frustrated with people, processes, and productivity demands at work? You are negatively affected by "Quiet Quitting," team dissension, or the unwillingness or inability to have important, but difficult conversations both personally and professionally. Do you or those you know struggle with issues of poor morale and miscommunications? Maybe you battle with daily organization and strategic planning? Or, maybe it's change or uncertainty that is has you frustrated.

Do you simply want to get to the next level in your personal or professional life, but it feels like something is in the way. You know you have what it takes - or, you hope you do - but you feel stuck.

Perhaps what you contend with has a name like Anxiety, OCD, Neurodivergence, or Trauma.

If you see yourself relating to any of these and you are ready for positive change, you found the right place!

Hannah has 25 years of experience and advanced degrees in the fields of education and psychology. She has done extensive study and work in neuroscience-informed approaches to personal and professional development and is certified in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). Her work experience, in both in the US and abroad, has given her a unique perspective, cultural sensitivity and respect, and overall approachability and relatability. She has an engaging communication style and can convey complex information in a fun and understandable manner.

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Our Mission

Potential Finders Network, LLC uses a combination of experience, motivational and educational information and story, modern neuroscience within the framework of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), and other evidence-based practices to meet you where you are and increase your awareness of skills, attitudes, and practices that will raise you to the next level!

There are no "one-size-fits-all"/canned approaches here. Tailored approaches to your individual needs is our specialty.

We are convinced that YOU can build an abundant life! We will partner with you, providing support and tools to build a foundation of hope from which you can reach your dreams!

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Lasting Change Book

Lasting Change; Overcoming the Grip of Anxiety, Depression & Trauma with “User-Friendly” Neuroscience is the result of over twenty years of research & clinical experience as well as the personal insights of one who has made the painful journey from hopelessness to wholeness. This book presents a practical, down-to-earth approach to understanding and managing the mind, body, spirit, and social connections that so greatly affect our well-being.

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ConstantEdu Featured Courses


Addiction and the Brain: Understanding the Role of Shame and the Whole-Person Way Out

This Course about the psychology of addiction with a neuroscience-informed bent and some tips (1.5 CEUs)

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GOAL ONE: Rediscover the Lost Art of Discernment

The world has changed. The same strategies that brought the roof down in the past no longer work.

If your business struggles with high attrition, low productivity, team in-fighting? Maybe it's lack of innovation, dedication, or vision? If any of this rings true, it could very well be that your corporate methods have not kept up with the times.

Or maybe you are an individual or leader who fights imposter syndrome, struggles with relationship effectiveness, or feels held back by differences in thinking, anxiety, or confidence.

To help, Potential Finders Network uses a combination of experience, relevant story, modern neuroscience, and other evidence-based practices to help you discern where you are and chalk out a plan to get you where you want to be. We will raise your awareness of key brain-based information, teach skills and practices that will enhance your discernment in tricky situations, and support you as you rise to the next level…and the next…and the next!

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GOAL TWO: Get...and Give...Inspiration

Are you bored? Unmotivated? Unorganized? Just plain stuck?

Some of you know deep down that you have what it takes to get ahead, but something keeps getting in the way. Others doubt their abilities and are about ready to give up entirely. Nearly all of us feel we have to conform to less-than-ideal circumstances in order to get ahead.

None of this leads to fulfillment, innovation, productivity, or success.

Do your work teams or social connections feel lackluster, "same 'ol, same 'ol," or distant and isolated? Do you all need some inspiration? With all that happens on a daily basis, it can feel next to impossible to generate the energy you need to build the momentum you need for the long haul.

Potential Finders Network knows you, your life, and/or your business is unique. We also know that your brain can get in the way of progress, making you feel inadequate to the tasks ahead! It is easy to lose heart. We are here with hard science and true stories to encourage and inspire you as you face and overcome challenges on the path toward building YOUR abundant life! We will help you discover and embrace your rare and exceptional gifts, values, and purpose.


GOAL THREE: Develop the “Three C’s” - Curiosity, Courage & Clarity

Do you struggle with perseverance and even hope that things wwill change? With all the ups and (rather extreme) downs of the past few years mixed with all the noise and information overload of everyday life, the way forward can be confusing, to say the least. Inundated with “too much,” overtaxed brains tend to fall prey to the status quo just to conserve energy, make sense of everything, and eek through the day.

There is a better way.

Potential Finders Network uses the “Three C’s” Guideposts to help improve decision making, goal planning, vision casting, and a myriad of other important tasks – and as you partner with us, we provide the help and support you need to build the courage required to clarify and chase your dreams!


Companies we've proudly worked with

Potential Finders Network has had the privilege of providing support and training services to a variety of well-known industry leaders:

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